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Ocean Bridge – Construction commenced

Report by Mike Gallagher

Work has started on the restoration of The Ocean Swing Bridge at the rear of The Stonehouse Court Hotel. The old fixed bridge has been removed. A path across the temporary bund (dam) has been built for pedestrians to cross the canal during construction of the manually operated swing bridge. See picture below.

From the towpath, ‘The Ocean’ can be found after passing under the Bristol-Gloucester railway. The canal then opens out into a basin (the Ocean). This was once the site of a small boat repair yard.

The Past, Present and Future

The first bridge was built in about 1776 to provide access over the new Stroudwater Navigation to a nearby water mill. 

The Ocean now defines the meeting point of phases 1a & 1b of the canal restoration. The two phases will be linked when the route under the railway bridge is widened. This work will signify the commencement of phase 1b and the connection to the UK’s 2,300 miles of interlinked waterways at Saul Junction.

Artists Favourite

The combination of St. Cyr's Church, Stonehouse Court & Farm makes the area a favourite location for photographers and artists.

The tranquil scene will be restored once the bridge works are complete. 

The picture right is a computer generated impression of the completed bridge.

Towpath Diversions

Be warned… during the restoration the canal towpath is subject to temporary closures and diversions to enable work to proceed. A map detailing these closures and diversions is on display at The Cotswold Canals Trust Visitor Centre at Wallbridge Lock. This information is also detailed on the Towpath Closures page.

Click here to find out how you can help in the restoration of Ocean Swing Bridge.