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A boat named Flea

CCT Workboats Acquisition Team The Cotswold Canals Trust Western Depot Volunteer workforce includes a team of people who have recently been exercising their combined skills of acquiring, restoring and operating a range of workboats to very good effect. The results of their expertise can already be seen afloat and at work on the Stroudwater Navigation and […]

Rescued swan safely back at Saul

Rescued swan returns On Saturday 4th August RSPCA Inspector Richard Carr and the crew of Cotswold Canals Trust trip boat Endeavour saved a swan from a bout of aggression between swans at Saul Junction. Two weeks later on Sunday 19th, after a spell in a wildlife hospital, a fitter, stronger and well-nourished swan was returned to […]

Trip Boat Volunteers in Swan Rescue at Saul

Afternoon peace shattered at Saul Hissing, splashing and heavy wingbeats broke the afternoon peace at Saul Junction on Saturday 4th August. A gang of aggressive swans were seen carrying out attacks on one of their number. The victim swan, already weak and in distress, was seeking shelter between the boats on the Gloucester – Sharpness […]