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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 28

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 28 – An Update from Nigel Edgeworth Site Flooded Monday saw a bad start to the week when the works became flooded following heavy rain over the weekend.  The water level had reached a depth of approximately 2m.  The contractor brought additional pumps in on Monday to drain the area. Tuesday […]

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 27

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 27. An Update from Nigel Edgeworth Three quarters of the bridge base slab and side walls are complete. Work has now started to complete the remaining section of base slab and side walls. It was not possible to complete the base and side walls in one go as space was needed […]

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 26

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No.26  An Update from Nigel Edgeworth Work this week has mainly concentrated on the placing of steel and shuttering for the south wall of the bridge. It is anticipated that all shuttering will be in place ready for a concrete pour first thing on Monday morning. There are still some sections of the […]