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Pete Tuffrey’s new exhibition ‘Seasons’

Pete Tuffrey’s ‘Seasons’ collection

Pete’s latest collection of canal scene pictures are on display at the Visitor Centre, Wallbridge Lock, Stroud.
This atmospheric set of canal scenes will be on display until September.
Pete is pictured below with his ‘gallery assistant’ advising him on display positions.

Peter Tuffrey and Gallery Assistant
Pete explains, “The majority of this set features the weather.
“I have one more picture on the way. It is a local scene as I feel I now need to reflect the restoration work that has been going on in and around Stroud.
“It will soon be finished and be displayed alongside the rest… until someone buys it that is!”

Preview picture

Pete is a member The Guild of Waterways Artists. He used his Facebook page to release a sneak preview of the ‘local scene’ he refers to. He explains that a growing band of followers and collectors will be keen to view it. The title is Winter at Capels Mill.

Winter at Capels Milll
Distinctive style

Pete Tuffrey’s previous exhibitions have created comment on his distinctive style.

He describes his methods and inspiration…
“I suppose I am influenced by artists from Turner right through to Banksey really.
“Over the last few years I have experimented with various media and techniques.
“I have found that using spray paint in my art lends it a style and atmosphere that I’ve been striving for.
“Coupling this style with my love of canals has led me to produce scenes that depict the industrial past, atmosphere and beauty of our waterways.
“I have a down to earth ‘try it and see’ attitude to painting, working fast initially in spray paint and afterwards in oil or acrylic.”

Wander down to Wallbridge

We suggest you wander down to the lock-side Visitor Centre at Wallbridge soon… and often!
Regular visits are advisable as Pete’s work turns over quickly and he has other exhibitions around the waterways this summer.

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