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Radio Gloucestershire spreads the word

Radio interviews from inside a lock and inside a studio.

Restoration of the Cotswold Canals has received radio coverage on BBC Radio Gloucestershire this week.

Endeavour Crew Training

Steve Kitchen’s Drive Time programme on Wednesday 17th April announced the commencement of training on the CCT Trip Boat Endeavour.

Restoration update request

This broadcast led to a further approach from Radio Gloucestershire for an update on the restoration.

Trust Chairman Mike Guest welcomed Radio Gloucestershire’s Mark Smith to Wallbridge on Friday 19th April.

Mike arranged for SDC Volunteers coordinator Jon Pontefract to enlarge on the restoration of Griffin Mill Lock.

Jon explained the effects of last year’s heavy rains and low temperatures.

Jon took Mark Smith and his microphone deep down inside the lock for this interview!

Balance with nature

Trust Bio Diversity Director Paul Rutter was also on hand to outline the restoration’s aims to create ‘A restored canal that achieves a balance with nature along a thirty six mile green corridor’.

Early morning show invite

Mike Guest readily accepted the invitation to be at the studio in Gloucester bright and early to be interviewed live on Claire Carter’s Saturday morning show on 20th April.

Mark Smith’s series of on-site interviews were included in the show.

Photo One – left to right – Jon Pontefract, Mike Guest,
Mark Smith

Photo two – Volunters at work on Griffin Mill Lock

Multiple benefits described

Clair asked a range of well researched questions. Mike explained that the canal restoration will create multiple benefits to the whole community as each section becomes accessible.

Listen again on BBC iPlayer

All the interviews can be heard on BBC iPlayer for the next few days.

Steve Kitchen

Click here for Steve Kitchen’s piece on the Trip Boat Endeavour
Drag the cursor along to 43:47

Mark Smith

Click here for Mark Smith’s Griffin Mill Lock interviews with Jon Pontefract, Paul Rutter and Mike Guest. Drag the cursor along to 1:43:50

Claire Carter

Click here for Mike Guest chatting to Claire Carter in the studio. Drag the cursor along to 2:39:19