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Rescued swan safely back at Saul

Rescued swan returns

On Saturday 4th August RSPCA Inspector Richard Carr and the crew of Cotswold Canals Trust trip boat Endeavour saved a swan from a bout of aggression between swans at Saul Junction. Two weeks later on Sunday 19th, after a spell in a wildlife hospital, a fitter, stronger and well-nourished swan was returned to its home waters at Saul Junction.

Kirsty Bishop of Vale Wildlife Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre at Beckford near Tewkesbury is pictured carrying the bird to the water’s edge outside the Cotswold Canals Trust Visitor Centre.

Kirsty explains, “Returning this rescued swan to Saul means that it is back on familiar home territory. It has recovered well and should be safe now that it is stronger.”

Swimming away southbound

CCT boat crew member Tim Kerry happened to be on duty again on Sunday and reported that once back in the Gloucester-Sharpness Canal the swan was seen swimming gently away, southbound. Tim commented, “There were other swans about during the day but thankfully no further fights occurred.”