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Sculptor in Residence Report

Lockside sculpture — An update

Sculptor Natasha Houseago recently completed her ‘Sculptor in Residence Project’ at Wallbridge and invited Stroud families along to Wallbridge to add their own contribution to her 13ft high work of art in green oak. Natasha is a professional wood sculptor who specialises in public art.

The Wallbridge piece was created from a 2.5 metre length of locally sourced fallen

The invitation

Natasha explains… “My invitation went out to the children, and their parents & carers, who showed so much interest as I worked on the piece at Wallbridge throughout this wonderful autumn.
Ten children took the opportunity to bring a special item along and place it within the sculpture.”

“ I drilled ten holes and each child embedded an item or special written message into the timber. We then worked together to hammer a wooden dowel into the hole to seal it safely away. I took this idea from the African sculptors who embed magic items or medicines into their sculptures to give them magical powers.”natasha-f-2

Ideas behind the sculpture

Natasha explains… “I began the project with research into the history of the Stroudwater Navigation and the Thames & Severn Canal. I made many working drawings based around elements of these waterways which I felt would work well in a tall vertical carving.”natasha-f-3

Three more clickable and compelling reasons to come to Wallbridge on ANY day!

A springtime thank you

Plans are in hand to thank the project’s sponsors and supporters at a special springtime event at Wallbridge.natasha-extract
The event will coincide with an exhibition in the Visitor Centre of Natasha’s photographs, working drawings and maquettes used to plan the as yet untitled sculpture.