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Search for a Sculptor

Calling all Gloucestershire based sculptors!

Sculptors in Gloucestershire are being offered a unique chance to team up with Pangolin Editions – the world famous sculpture production facility based in Chalford. Working with the Cotswold Canals Project, the company has generously sponsored a competition to design and produce a signature sculpture to sit alongside the canal at Capel’s Mill, Stroud.

Winner to work with Pangolin

The competition winner will work with Pangolin craftsmen to design and produce the piece of art.

Cash award to winner

The company will also award the winner a £2,500 cash payment.

The sculpture will be made from recycled surplus material left over from the company’s production processes.

Exciting opportunity for all

“This is an exciting opportunity for someone to create a permanent piece of public art and gain the experience of working with our skilled team,” said Rungwe Kingdon, Director of Pangolin Editions.

“It is also a chance for us to show our support for the canal restoration, which we think is the best thing to happen in the area for many years”.

Jack Telling, Chairman of the Cotswold Canals Trust, said “This demonstrates that the appeal of the canal goes far beyond water, boats and history.

"Pangolin’s generous sponsorship is very much appreciated and I’m sure that we will get a great response.”

Sculpture to be sited in 'Waterside Park'

The sculpture will be installed at a high point on the north bank of the Thames & Severn Canal at Capels Mill.

This area of wildflower meadow is increasingly enjoyed by the people of Stroud.

Volunteers from Stroud Valleys Project are currently busy planting native trees on the site.

Site visit by the promoters

Photo No. 2 shows Pangolin directors Claude Koenig and Rungwe Kingdon accompanied by SDC's Dave Marshall, with local artists & poets James Pentney and Sandra Hickmore.

James & Sandra were the people with the intitial concept for 'Search for a Sculptor'. The group are standing where the sculpture will be installed. 

Terms Conditions & Applications

Click here, or on the Terms & Conditions below the photographs, to download a full overview of the competition together with a list of Terms & Conditions.

Applications by email only please

Applications will be received from Monday 13th January.

Closing date for applications will be Thursday 6th February.

The competition will be administered by a member of the Stroud District Council Canal Team.

Applicants are required to email their full details, a CV of up to 500 words and up to four 500kb jpg photos of previously completed work.

No proposed designs are required at the application stage.

Click below to submit your email application 

Download a poster

Click here or on the poster icon right to view and print a poster

Find out about Pangolin

Click here, or on the Pangolin icon right, find out more about Pangolin Editions of Chalford.