Log Collection Service — Western Depot

Customer Collects Service

The Western Division Logging Team provides a ‘Customer Collects Service’ from the depot at Eastington near Stonehouse.
Logs can be collected from 08:30 until around 14:30/15:00 on Mondays & Wednesdays.

Opening hours are subject to volunteer availability on the day, so, it is a good idea to
‘Give us a call before you call’
on 01453 822 119
If there is no reply call David Pagett on 07940 566 758

Quantities, Costs, Collections & Payments

Option 1

Large, 3 cubic foot capacity, carry-bags full of mixed timber logs are available for just £10 (+ £10 returnable bag deposit.)

The bags contain the equivalent of a good-sized wheel-barrow full of winter fuel. See the pictures below.

Customers may use the bag to take their logs away on payment of the £10 deposit, refundable on the production of the Sale Receipt.
Alternatively, the Log Team will unload the contents of the bag into the customer’s vehicle.

Option 2

Collections made by vans, pickups & trailers qualify for a discounted rate.
The cost will be calculated at the time of collection.

We accept debit/credit cards that carry one of the logos pictured below

Payments can also be made by cash or cheque

How to find us

Click here, or on the image below, for a Google Map of the location