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Social Media Update

Social Media Update – 'Facebook and all that'

We have launched a new Facebook page entitled Cotswold Canals Restoration.

The new page has replaced the previous Cotswold Canals Friends and Members page to reach a wider audience. 

What it is… and why

The Cotswold Canals Restoration Facebook page has been created as part of the new social media strategy to communicate with EVERYONE interested in the restoration of our canals.

Important strategy

A co-ordinated social media strategy is important as we go forward towards the Saul to Stonehouse Link (Phase 1B) restoration programme.

Rapid dissemination of news regarding surveys, appeals and other work will help raise community awareness of the exciting developments as they are unveiled.


Latest News will continue

Please be reassured… the new Facebook page will not replace the full text Latest News pieces on the Cotswold Canals Trust Website. The Facebook page will often direct readers to the Latest News page.

Many people, of all ages, enjoy their own Facebook page. This allows them to visit ours and then… make comments, ask questions, indicate their approval (called 'Liking') or to send the article on to other people (called Sharing).

Some do, some do not, but anyone can look!

Many people have no wish to have a Facebook page. That is not at all unusual and is entirely a matter of choice.

But don't worry. People who are not 'full-on' Facebook users can still view, read and enjoy the pictures on the Cotswold Canals Restoration Facebook page.

Just click on the Facebook icon above or on the Welcome page of this website.

It is a blue square with a white letter f in the middle. That action will take you to our Cotswold Canals Restoration Facebook page.

Now then… Non facebook people need not be put off by the box that asks you to 'Sign up for Facebook today'. Just ignore that and scroll on down the page.

You will find some some brilliant photos taken by Mike Gallagher on the page.

Click on the photos to view a larger version. When you get to the larger picture you may see some comments and thank-you notes put on by other viewers.

The viewers making those comments are regular Facebook users of course.

So, keep on having a peep at how we are using Facebook to tell a wide range of people exactly what is going on in relation to the Restoration of the Cotswold Canals.

You never know… you may get to like it and sign up yourself perhaps.

A little more reassurance

Take some reassurance from the fact that the Cotswold Canals Restoration page is a particular type of page.

It is known as a 'Community Page' which means that the actual Posts & Pictures can only be placed by the site's official Administrator and Editors.

It is not the 'free-for-all' that other Personal Facebook pages sometimes become.

So give it a try. Click on the Facebook icon above to go to the page. 

Ignore the 'sign up box' and have a browse.

Watch this space

In a couple of days we will have some more things to tell you about the CCT website.