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Steamboats on the Stroudwater

Steaming to Stonehouse

A flotilla of steam boats steered by members of the Steam Boat Association of Great Britain will steam along the Stroudwater Navigation this weekend. 

Eight boats will cruise along the newly restored stretch of canal between the slipway in Strachans Close and Stonehouse on Saturday 27th June.

Half an hour halt

At 11:30am the flotilla will ‘heave-to’ for half an hour or so at Ebley Wharf. This will provide an opportunity for steam fans and passers-by alike to enjoy the hypnotic waft of coal smoke, steam and hot oil.

Steam whistles

Flotilla organiser, and Eastington resident, Colin Rudall suggests that the boat skippers may well add some 'toot-toot, whistle-whistle’ sounds to enhance the whole experience.

Steam Boat Association

Colin is a member of the Steamboat Association of Great Britain. “I was brought up here in the sixties when the canal was neglected and abandoned. The contrast now is a joy to behold,” he enthused.

"The Steamboat Association of Great Britain has around a thousand members and about three hundred steamboats. The boats coming to Stroud are modern day replicas based on traditional designs. We are quite a sight when we cruise as a flotilla”.

Public Trips on Endeavour

Members of the public will have the opportunity to get close to the flotilla by boarding the Cotswold Canals Trust Trip Boat, Endeavour on the day.

The ten seater narrowboat will operate 25 minute trips from its wharf close to Cloth Mills Bridge at Ebley on Saturday.

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