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Street Party with a Purpose

A report by David Jowett

When the residents in the community around Ryeford Bridge wanted to celebrate the Royal Wedding recently they decided to adopt a different approach.

The canal had been dredged in February so they decided to put some finishing touches to the surroundings of the bridge.

After hanging out the (home-made) bunting they set to work on “their” short section of the Stroudwater Canal.

Checks were made to make sure that they wouldn’t disturb any wildlife before they cleared ivy from the bridge and tidied the towpath.

Scrubby areas around the bridge were
levelled out and grass seed was spread on the ground.

“It’s just a big group gardening session really, but it’s great to see what’s been achieved” said one of the workers.

A great deal was achieved during a busy day which was rounded off with a communal feast of fish & chips.

The last picture shows the scene at Ryeford as it once was.