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Stroud Photographers at Wallbridge Lock

Photographic Exhibition by John Daniell and Mike Gallagher

An exhibition by Stroud based John and Mike is on show at the Cotswold Canals Trust Visitor Centre, Wallbridge Lock from Monday 9th July until Monday 1st October 2012.

The exhibition has a bias towards the canal but both photographers are keen to show their artistic sides.

About the artists

John Daniell has had a varied career, including twenty years in Theatre Lighting and Design.

He currently works with Foto Forum who have regular exhibitions in Stroud.

Mike has been a photographer for the Canals Trust for about 18 months and is part of the syndicate of Stroud Photographers known as PHOTOSTROUD.

Mike and John both exhibit in Mills Cafe and Mike's work can also be seen at 18 Nelson Street.

Asked to comment on the rationale behind his work Mike Gallagher responded…

"I believe that no matter what photographic process you use to produce an image, if the end result stands up to scrutiny and is good enough to hang on your wall at home that's good enough.

"If you own a Picasso you are a bit stuck, but if you own a Gallagher you can have a change every now and then".

Top picture is Jubilee Bridge by John Daniell

Below is Hulk by Mike Gallagher

Centre Managers Recommendation

"This is no ordinary photographic display…

"The collection truly does demonstrate the vision, skills and artistic talents of Mike and John.

"Clarity, detail and ethereal qualities abound in their submissions.

"We feel this is a must see show.

"We advise an early viewing as the work is offered for sale and is already attracting a very positive response"

Times to view

The Visitor Centre at Bell House, Wallbridge Lock is open 10am to 1pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; then 10am – 4pm on Thursday and Saturday… or, whenever the flag is flying!

Click on the links below to find out more about John & Mike.