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Stroud resident found fishing…

Stroud resident found fishing from Lodgemore Lift Bridge!

At 11:15 on Friday 22nd January Andy Berry and Clive were about to drive over Lodgemore Lift Bridge when Andy spotted a kingfisher on the western side railing of the bridge.

We stopped the car on the bridge to take photos through the rain spattered windscreen.
We watched as the little fellow pictured below dived down into the fast running water of the Stroudwater Canal.

He soon returned — empty beaked, and then repeated the dive almost immediately. He returned moments later; again with no catch.

Then, after a third attempt, he returned to the rail with a wriggling fish clasped in his beak.
We watched as he devoured his mid-morning snack. 

Important habitat

Liza Hollinghurst of Wren Ecology, Cheltenham commented…

This is great news. The canal habitat is so important for kingfishers, which is why Wren Ecology's Ecological Report for the Lift Bridge proposal recommended that artificial nest tunnels specifically designed for kingfishers be included in the nearby canal bank as part of local habitat enhancement for this species.”

So, it is actually true to say…
‘Where there is water — there are fish.
And where there are fish — there are Kingfishers'.

(Andy caught the wriggling fish photo. We will ensure Mike Gallagher is with us next time.)