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Summit Work Parties

Summit Section Volunteer Work Team

Sunday 19th January saw Trust Biodiversity Director, Paul Rutter, welcome fifteen volunteers at The Tunnel House Inn, Coates to start to work on the Kings Reach length.

Tunnel House at Coates

The Kings Reach section was identified in the recently announced Five Year Strategy as a key area to help the Trust generate a stronger visual presence in the East.

Tunnel Boat Trips in the Future

The ultimate aim of the strategy is to recommence trip boat operations into the Sapperton Tunnel.

The tasks include tidying up the towpath by clearing some of the scrub and small bushes that have grown up as well as the removal of some fallen timber from the canal.

Paul Rutter explains, "In line with one of the Trust’s six key reasons for progressing the restoration, namely creating a 36 mile environmental corridor, the aim is very much to enhance the landscape and bio diversity, while also connecting the canal to the wider landscape.

"Hopefully the work will help people enjoy this lovely stretch of canal even more.

"Comments received from towpath walkers on the day indicate that this aim is already being achieved."

A beautiful place to work…

One volunteer also passed comment… "Not only is this a beautiful place to do the work it is a brilliant place for lunch too".

If some gentle exercise in a beautiful Cotswold waterway setting appeals to you too… then please drop an email to Paul Rutter on 


Alternatively, click here, or on the Connect icon below, to go to the CCT Volunteers Administration website. This is where you can find out more about volunteering and then register your skills and availability.

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