ENews 24 (Number 1 for 2007)

Welcome to this the latest issue of the Cotswold Canals Trust's E-News, and a Happy New Year to you all. =================CONNECT IS COMING……..================= xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSAUL OVER FOR SANTAxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Another highly successful season of cruises, raising over £2,200 for the restoration! Heartfelt thanks for all the help he received this time from the "fat rosy old fellow […]

ENews 25

Hello & welcome to E-News No. 25; short and sweet this time round. Do have your say on the Capel Mills consultation mentioned below. I thought it would be opportune to include some reminders of recent pieces now that the festive season is out of the way… oOo CAPEL MILLS PUBLIC CONSULTATION – YOU'VE GOT […]

ENews 26

Hello & welcome to E-News No. 26 oOo HOTMAIL ISSUE RESOLVED…… ……and it may have been my fault after all. It looks as if the catalyst for rejection was the combination of symbols I was using to highlight the headings in previous issues. If you look again at E-News No.25 you will see they were […]