ENews 2009-01

January 14, 200907:00 Good morning and welcome to ENews 2009-01. Today's headlines: If you're confused, then here are some linksSuggestions for food, and/or some drinks.Fromebridge in Feb, for a good debateBruce Hall should provide, a 1A update. Then Whitminster's where, a Barn Dance will beDo come and take part, or watch with great glee.An IWA do, […]

ENews 2009-02

January 29, 200906:42 Good morning and welcome to ENews 2009-02. Today's headlines: Can you screw, or hold a brushNeed a cover, not too plush?Lots of pictures, going awayBeing auctioned, for 1A. Wrong ales were noted, last time I wroteIt's Hook Norton by bus, that gets my vote.Clear out those tools, if they still functionMapping the […]

ENews 2009-03

February 17, 200906:50 Good morning and welcome to ENews 2009-03. Today's headlines: Litter galore, to be collectedPaintings at Auction, to be selected.Bruce Hall at Fromebridge, next Monday weekFor Phase 1A news, come hear him speakStroud Farmers Market, it has to be saidWill need some help – but I'm in NZ! oOo PET CHOICE There are […]