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Thames Water Consultation Results

Thames Water Consultation

In the spring of 2013 Thames Water (TW) opened a public consultation in relation to its draft 2015 – 2040 Water Resource Management Plan. The use of the Cotswold Canals as a route for water to be pumped from the River Severn to the River Thames is one of the options Thames Water has to consider. The consultation results are now published.

Request to respond

In a CCT website Latest News article published on 14th June Cotswold Canals Trust (CCT) Chief Executive Ken Burgin asked Cotswold Canals Trust members & supporters to assist Thames Water in their considerations.

The article pointed out that the result of such considerations may mean that the capital's water could one day pass through Sapperton Tunnel!

Chief Executive's observations

In the website article CCT Chief Executive Ken Burgin observed…

"The more people who submit comments supporting the canal route, the greater the likelihood is of the scheme being taken forward.

"Water Transfer using the Cotswold Canals offers possibly the quickest route to full restoration.

"It would also ensure that the canal is well maintained in the future."

The outcome

The various documents contain the responses people and organisations sent in to the Thames Water WRMP14 Public Consultation earlier in the year.

92% support the canal route option

Appendix 5A might be considered the most interesting. It contains a total of 249 unique respondent ID's of which 230 positively supported the Cotswold Canals scheme as a transfer route (92%).

18 respondents did not mention the canal, and only 1 was actively against the canal route.

Ken Burgin comments…

“The 92% result is excellent but it should be appreciated that Appendix 5A is only one of several categories of consultation responses.

"What is impressive is the way these people have stated their support. The contributions are varied, genuine and well expressed. The responses covered many reasons why TW should seriously consider the Cotswold Canals scheme.

"The other appendices cover responses to TW's set questions and from organisations – some of these are supportive too.”

Further study

The lists makes very interesting reading. CCT Members and supporters may like to spend some time studying all the responses… and perhaps identifying their own in Appendix 5a!

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