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Three Hundred Club Draw – January 2012

Even bigger prizes!

The Three Hundred Club January 2012 Draw was held in the Trust's Wallbridge Visitor Centre on 31st December 2011.

The draw was made by Peter Barnes, a keen photographer and nephew of the late Charles Henry Barnes a photographer in the 1940s at Peckhams, Stroud's famous photography specialists.

An increase in Three Hundred Club membership has resulted in a corresponding increase in prize values.

  • First prize of £528 was won by Mr R Major from Tetbury with stake number 735
  • Second prize of £264 was won by Mr J Stanier from Stroud with stake number 85
  • Third prize of £88 was won by Mr K Weller of Dursley with stake number 776

Click on the icon below to find out more about the Three Hundred Club.

Click on the icon below to view just some of the local photographs that made Peckhams famous.