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Three Hundred Club — Spring Draw 2018

Easter Sunday at Bond’s Mill Gatehouse

The Spring 2018 Three Hundred Club draw took place on Easter Sunday at Bond’s Mill Gatehouse Visitor Centre.
The Three Hundred Club is the Cotswold Canals Trust lottery held every January, April, July and October.
Bond’s Mill Gatehouse was built in 1940 close to a canal swing bridge and the gateway to Bond’s Mill.
The mill ceased work as a woollen mill in 1934 and later became a ‘shadow factory’ producing Sperry’s gyroscopes for the war effort.
The Gatehouse is one of 370 gun emplacements that formed Stop Line Green; a defence line designed to protect Bristol’s port and aircraft factories from a World War II German tank invasion. The two storey building was fitted with an anti aircraft gun to protect Bond’s Mill from aerial attack

New use for a sturdy structure

The structure was fitted out as CCT’s third Visitor Centre in the spring of 2017.
It is well signposted from the roundabout on the A419 – Bristol Road and is open from 12noon – 4pm on Sundays.
We would welcome new Visitor Centre Volunteers to staff this uniquely interesting and historic establishment.
Call 01453 752 568 or email
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The draw was made by Trust members Mark & Morriss White of Stonehouse
The father & son team are Canal Lengthsmen from the Ocean in Stonehouse to Upper Mills Bridge
The team care for the Gatehouse as well as the canal & towpath on behalf of Stroud Valleys Canal Company

The total prize fund was £1,200.00

First prize — £720.00 was won by B. A. Fletcher of Stroud
Second prize — £360.00 was won by M Jarrett of Stroud
Third prize — £120.00 was won by A. Fielder of London

(On being informed of his win Mr Fielder immediately donated the sum back to the Cotswold Canals Trust)

You have to be in it to win it!

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