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Three Hundred Club — Winter Draw

Winter Winners

The Three Hundred Club is the Trust’s lottery held every January, April, July and October.

The Winter 2016 Three Hundred Club draw recently took place at Cotswold Canals Trust Western Depot at Eastington.

The draw was made by Lionel Lusty pictured below. Lionel, a former member of the Western Depot Logging Team, happens to have been the only Logging Team member not to be a member of the Three Hundred Club.

Fittingly therefore, it fell to Lionel to press the Winter Winner’s Selection button.

A little more on ‘Logging’

Since its inception in December 2009 the Western Depot Logging Team processed hundreds of tonnes of timber into logs to heat homes in and around Stroud.

Having done all that sawing, splitting and stacking, the team made over 900 deliveries to more than 250 customers.
The energy and dedication applied by the Logging Team has generated over £100,000 for the Cotswold Canals Trust restoration.
Sadly the Western Depot Logging Team recently called it a day.  Hopefully other volunteers will come forward to reinstate the operation in the future.

Three Hundred Club Winter Winners
The total prize fund was £1,166.00

First prize of £700.00 was won by Mr F Sluter of Waltham Cross
Second prize of £350.00 was won by Miss A K Woolacott of Cheltenham
Third prize of £116.00 was won by Mr S Hopkins of Berkeley

You have to be in it to win it

Three Hundred Club participants must be members of the Cotswold Canals Trust
CCT members may join the Three Hundred Club at any time during the year
The annual subscription is £15 per stake. Members may hold up to four stakes

Find out more and Join Up

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