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Towpath Closures

Stroud Brewery Bridge — Wallbridge Lower Lock and beyond — Towpath is now open

Volunteers will continue with landscaping & boundary fence works for a while yet. So take care.
The towpath path varies in width. If you are on wheels… please slow your pace and share the space.

Click here for the Farsons Webcam view of Wallbridge Lower Lock 

Stroudwater — Thames & Severn Towpath Map

Click here to purchase a Stroudwater — Thames & Severn Towpath map online

This map will help you find your way along, to and from, the towpath.

It is also available at the CCT Visitor Centres at Saul Junction, Bonds Mill Gatehouse and Wallbridge.

Pop in and see us and have a chat over a complimentary  cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate

An overview provided by Dave Marshall
SDC’s Canal Restoration Project Manager

The ongoing nature of the restoration may well require short term closures of the canal towpath.

Towpath closures occur to ensure the health and safety of the public.

The reason public access must be restricted is usually a construction activity involving heavy excavators and other vehicles in the creation of deep excavations. The linear nature of the canal and limited access to work sites can make the restoration task difficult.

Legal Status

The towpath is a public right of way (PROW), the County Council’s PROW office has gone through the statutory process necessary for temporary closures.

The same procedure has been followed in cases where canal works have forced the temporary closure of other public rights of way.

Conclusions & Aspirations

It is appreciated that closures cause inconvenience to towpath users, but we hope people will ultimately find the disruption worthwhile – particularly with regard to the improved canal and resurfaced towpath widened to 2 metres where possible.
The project is intended to improve the local economy and create a better amenity for local people.

We hope that local people will be able to bear with us whilst we do this work as quickly and safely as we can.
David Marshall