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Trip Boat Sponsorship Opportunities

Trip Boat Sponsorship Opportunities explained

The Trow Magazine recently received by Cotswold Canals Trust members carried a flyer describing some sponsorship opportunities for a new trip boat.

The facts behind the flyer

So, here are the facts behind the invitation to organisations or individuals to sponsor an addition to the Cotswold Canals Trust Trip Boat Fleet.

A chance has arisen for the Trust to purchase a locally built, 12 seater narrow boat that previously operated as a day-hire trip boat on the Gloucester – Sharpness Canal.

The total cost for the boat to be refitted, painted, equipped and certificated will be in the region of £30,000.

We seek to raise £20,000 to secure the boat and re-commission it as a sister vessel to Perseverance and EndeavourBoating at Ebley Feature Pic

A business plan for the project examined the options, opportunities and potential income stream.

It was decided to invite Trust supporters to enter into a sponsorship agreement in order to raise the outstanding £20k.

A range of benefit elements available to sponsors include…

  • A VIP Boarding Pass providing unlimited public trips for two persons for three & five year periods
  • An Annual Private Charter
  • An Annual Private Charter and a Canalside Bench

Click here to view the four sponsorship options and their benefit elements in detail

Encouraging early results

Sponsorship application payments have already been received.

Acknowledgements, agreements and VIP Boarding Passes will be forwarded to the sponsors in due course.

Options, Opportunities & Benefits

  • The 2016 season has already produced impressive income from public trips at Saul & Ebley
  • Charter bookings are increasing
  • Stonehouse Court Hotel has invested in the installation of a boat landing stage immediately adjacent to St Cyrs Church
  • The hotel and its landing stage provides the opportunity for the Trust to market two ‘destination charter cruises’ —  Lunch Cruise or Afternoon Tea Cruise
  • Weddings — We have responded to the Stonehouse Court Hotel management invitation to enter into a business partnership agreement whereby the hotel will book charters to serve their developing wedding trade
  • The hotel has eighty weddings and receptions booked for 2016. The hotel management team’s target for 2017 is one-hundred weddings
  • The result of the business partnership agreement between the Stonehouse Court Hotel and CCT Trading Co. can be viewed by clicking on the icon below

Wedding Show icon


  • Successful sponsorship means that two 12 seater trip boats will ensure the popular Saturday afternoon public trips can continue at Ebley while Saturday wedding bookings are honoured
  • Two boats based at Ebley will allow charters to be offered to larger groups of up to twenty-four passengers
  • Increased boat movement will assist in maintaining a navigable channel on our newly restored, but currently underused, navigation
  • The profile of the Cotswold Canals Trust in general, and the Trip Boat Operation in particular, will be raised
  • Everyone involved in the CCT Trip Boat Project — sponsors, business partners, public trip passengers, private charter customers, boat crews and administrators will be playing a vital role in bringing colour & movement to the Stroudwater Navigation
  • This project must surely be viewed as a laudable endeavour based upon perseverance and a real sense of adventure!

Become involved

Click here to join this project — Download and print your sponsorship application form

We will keep everyone informed of developments as they occur