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Trow Magazine — Present & Past

Trow Magazine — How it gets to you

The quarterly Trow Magazine packing session now takes place at the premises where both the magazines and the envelopes are printed.

To reduce manual handling and fuel consumption the CCT Volunteer Trow Packing Team now carry out the entire process at Zeta Printing, Phoenix Trading Estate, London Road, Thrupp.

Trow Packing & Posting Team, Autumn 2017

The photograph above shows the Cotswold Canals Trust volunteers at Zeta premises for the first session on site.

Zeta Printing premises are situated alongside the Thames & Severn Canal at Thrupp. Zeta employees recently reported seeing a family of otters playing in the canal.

Winter Edition 2017

On Thursday 23rd November 2017 CCT volunteers arrived at 09:30am at Zeta Printing.
Having signed in, the volunteers were given a health and safety briefing by John Gasan of Zeta.
The eleven enthusiastic volunteers, supervised by CCT Trow Coordinator Diana Edwards, then labelled and packed 5,200 envelopes in just over two hours.

Zeta staff provided refreshments for the volunteers. When the packing was complete, Zeta staff took the completed packs to the Postal Sorting Office at Salmon Springs.

The Trow — What & why

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The Trow — Past & present

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