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Trust Council Update

Trust Council Up-Date – by Jack Telling, Company Secretary

The Cotswold Canals Trust Annual General Meeting, held in Lechlade on Saturday 25th October, included announcements of Trust Council retirements and re-elections.

Rotational Retirements and Re-elections

Polly Fothergill and Jim White were re-elected to Trust Council after retiring by rotation.

Adrian Peatman and Paul Rutter, who also retired, did not offer themselves for re-election and are no longer members of Council.

Trust Council Officers subsequently elected & appointed

At the first Trust Council meeting after the the AGM Council elected its Officers for the forthcoming year:

  • Chairman – There were no nominations for Chairman and the post has been declared Vacant
  • Jim White – Vice-Chairman 
  • Trudy Ayre – Treasurer
  • Jack Telling – Company Secretary
  • Des Pinnock – Membership Secretary. Des is not a member of Council

Trust Council Members

The following are also members of Trust Council:

  • John Allan – Eastern Thames & Severn
  • Ken Bailey – Planning
  • Polly Fothergill – Volunteer Engagement
  • Mike Hynd – Construction Operations and Health & Safety
  • Val Kirby – Chair Phase 1B Funding Bid
  • Robin Payne – Project Manager
  • Steve Pickover – Canal Maintenance

Vacancy for Trust Chairman

In declaring a vacancy for the post of Chairman, Council believes that this provides time to seek a candidate able and willing to lead the Trust for a minimum of three years.

Trust Council Executive Committee 

The Trust Council Executive Committee consists of Jim White, Trudy Ayre, Jack Telling, Val Kirby and Chief Executive Ken Burgin.

The Executive Committee is empowered to take management decisions on urgent matters between the monthly Council Meetings.

Vacancies on Trust Council

Trust Council is limited to a maximum of fifteen members, at the moment only ten roles are filled. 

Council seeks to fill these vacancies as soon as possible.

Volunteers are sought to perform a range of responsibilites including:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Fundraising
  • Biodiversity

Click here to email Company Secretary Jack Telling if you feel able to fill any of these posts.

Alternatively, call Jack on 01453 825 709 or 07852 540 249

Trading Company Up-Date

At its quarterly meeting on 13th October the Board of Directors of Cotswold Canals Trust (Trading) Limited elected its directors for for the forthcoming year:

  • Clive Field – Chairman and Joint Visitor Centres Manager
  • Rob Burgon – Vice-Chairman & Western Trip Boats Manager

Other members of the Board are:

  • Trudy Ayre – Finance & Trust Council Representative
  • Jill Field – Joint Visitor Centres Manager
  • Elizabeth Payne – Trip Boat East
  • Jack Telling – Trust Council Representative
  • Vacancy – Trust Chairman (ex officio)

Wendy Read, who represented Trip Boat East on the Board for many years, has resigned as a Director. The Board will seek to fill this vacancy.