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Update regarding the Funding Bid

Canal Project Manager Dave Marshall answers the question we are all asking…

‘When will we know the outcome of the bid?’ 

Dave explains…

“We should finally know the outcome of the Stroudwater Connected bid this week. The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) will not make a public press release detailing the result.

“Instead, they will pass the news to Stroud District Council, as the organisation making the application. We then have to prepare a press release which must then be approved by the HLF. Only then can we publish the news. This process will take a day or two to finalise.

“We are keen that, as far as possible, CCT members should know the result before the general public. Therefore our plan is to release the news, good or bad, early next week. That release will be made with an ‘embargo’ that will prevent it being published until Wednesday, 2nd May.

“Our press release will therefore appear on Connect sometime on Tuesday afternoon (1st May), followed by the Cotswold Canals Trust Latest News page at around midnight.

Round One & Round Two
Dave makes things clear

“The other matter worth bearing in mind is that HLF grant applications are assessed in two rounds. If we are successful, we will initially be granted what is referred to as Round One Development Funding. This stage will allow us to progress and present plans and proposals. Those detailed proposals would then be considered by HLF at the Round Two Stage, where a final decision would be made on the award of full funding.”