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Volunteers restore navigation at Eastington

Volunteers restore locks at Eastington

The picturesque views of the Stroudwater Navigation where it runs alongside the A419 at Eastington were recently enhanced by the passage of a boat through the locks.

Long term efforts

Thanks to the long-term efforts of the Cotswold Canals Trust's Western Depot volunteers the canal from Pike Lock eastwards through both Blunder and Newtown Locks is navigable once more.

Four years or so ago the heel post of one of the Blunder Lock top gates disintegrated, rendering the lock unusable.

At Newtown Lock both top paddles became detached from the paddle racks over time.

Step by step restoration

Stroud Valleys Canal Company arranged for a new set of bottom gates to be installed at Blunder Lock.

The volunteers then modified and refurbished a set of former River Thames lock gates to replace the Blunder Lock's top gates.

Next, the team installed a new set of ground paddle gear designed by CCT's Jim White.

Brickwork in the chamber at Newtown Lock was also repointed by the Western Depot team.

More movement needed

All we need now is more boat movement! Access can be gained via the slipway below Blunder Lock.

Click here, or on the icon below, to find out more about using the canal. 


In the short term it is hoped that the recently acquired weed harvester can soon be put to work on the weed choked section between Newtown Lock and Bonds Mill Bridge.

This will provide the opportunity for crew training led by newly appointed Weed Control Team Leader Martin Gray.

Martin will also be dealing with some necessary design modifications on the vessel before it can be deployed in earnest to keep down the weed growth on the navigable section of Phase 1A between Stonehouse and Wallbridge. 

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