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Wallbridge Lock Restoration – starts soon

A report from the Visitor Centre – Wallbridge Lock

Land & Water Group Ltd., the award-winning group of companies specialising in marine based civil engineering and dredging projects have been awarded the contract to restore Wallbridge Upper Lock. Chris Spencer, a former waterway recovery group volunteer will lead the restoration team. 

The Visitor Centre staff at Wallbridge have become familiar with seeing groups of earnest people wearing suits, boots and hi viz vests whilst clutching clipboards and tape measures to carry out close studies of ‘our lock’. This precise scenario occurred last week. 

Would you like a cup of tea?

The staff have taken to tapping on the window to attract the attention of such people with the easily recognised sign language for ‘would you like cup of tea'? This gesture usually results in an opportunity to learn the reasons for their close attention. Such was the case when Chris Spencer entered.

Before we could subject Chris to our usual hospitality based interrogation techniques he pulled a familiar booklet from his briefcase. The cover is pictured right. 

Click on the Trow image to view David Jowett’s original photograph of this spring day at Wildmoorway Lock back in 1997.

Chris announced his visit as… “All a bit of deja-vu”.

“I was down this way fourteen years or so ago with the Waterway Recovery Group.”

Once a wrgie…. always a wrgie!

Chris’s Barnsley origins were very evident as he chatted about his canal restoration credentials and continued connection with the Inland Waterways Association restoration volunteers known as 'the wrgies'

The Trust’s other ace lens-man Nick Bird was on site to record a close replication of the 1997 Wildmoorway Lock picture. Here is Chris under the Wallbridge Upper Lock bridge arch.

Chris went on to explain that he developed a love of the waterways since his discovery of a canal and aqueduct at the age of eleven years back home in Barnsley. He enlarged by saying that he had operated his own riparian engineering business before joining Land & Water Group Ltd. 

When asked to describe his feelings about being back on the Cotswold Canals Trust restoration as Land & Water’s Senior Site Manager he replied with a certain Northern forthrightness, “Pleased, very pleased, let’s get on with it eh?"

Commencement Date Announced

Work commences at Wallbridge soon.

Watch this space for regular updates and pictures.

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