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Wallbridge Lower Lock Update

Wallbridge Lower Lock bank reduction

Bank reduction work between the lock chamber and Stroudwater Court is complete.

Gardiners Construction worked hard to cut the top off a steep incline between the lock chamber and Stroudwater Court.

Flat access way

The result is… the creation of a flat access way along the top of the embankment and excavated material relocated on site.
The flat area above the reshaped embankment will allow future planting to occur.

Tuesday & Thursday Volunteers swing into action

Shaping the slope to a manageable angle has allowed the cutting of recesses for the upper-offside lock gate balance beam. (pictured above)
Members of Stroud District Council’s Tuesday & Thursday Volunteer Team have begun work on the installation of the quadrant that follows the arc of the balance beam’s swing.

The necessary repairs to the lock wall will follow soon. Watch this space!

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