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Wallbridge Lower Lock Update

Wallbridge Lower Lock Gates in place

The combined expertise of Graham Construction, Hargreaves Lockgates, Ellis Cranes and the Stroud District Council Canal Team, swung into action at Wallbridge Lower Lock on Thursday 12th October. The delicate operation to place the gates in position at the western end of the lock commenced at 8am.

Challenges met — Progress made

Dave Marshall, Stroud District Council’s Canal Project Manager commented, “This site has presented us with some challenges. Good team work and professional expertise has helped us to meet those challenges and make good progress.

“The next step is the fitting of the locally designed and manufactured paddle gear assemblies. This work will be carried out by Cotswold Canals Trust Western Division Volunteers led by Les Morris.”

Full report follows

A full report with photos and video from CCT’s Mike Gallagher and Robert Paget will follow soon.