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Wallbridge Upper Lock Contractors Final Update

The Final Report from Chris Spencer of Land & Water

This is Land & Water’s final Contractors Report on the restoration of Wallbridge Upper Lock. The dams have been removed from the pounds above and below the lock.

Over 1,000 tons of the material used to create the dams was stockpiled within the site compound.

Recycling Policy

Land & Water apply a recycling policy wherever possible. This approach creates the best possible carbon footprint outcome for our projects.

The material was transferred to bulk tipping lorries and transported to Gloucester for screening and washing.

This process produces clean washed stone and a lagoon of wet clay.

The wet clay is left to dry naturally over several months.

The stone and clay will be made available to the civil engineering market for other projects such as road building or maybe another dam!

Finishing Touches

We have replaced the coping stones displaced by the lower dam. 

The supporting wall below those coping stones will be repaired later. (See third photgraph down.)

The repair will occur when the lower pound is drained temporarily in order to restore Wallbridge Lower Lock.

Minor completion works have also been undertaken around Wallbridge Upper Lock.

Volunteer Teams swing into action

The remaining works, such as the installation of mooring bollards, lock furniture and towpath surfacing will be undertaken by volunteer teams.

The teams are led by Stroud District Council on Mondays and Thursdays and by Cotswold Canal Trust volunteers on many other days. 

The Final Countdown

The final task for the Land & Water Team was what is known in the Civil Engineering world as 'Demobilisation'.

As the title suggests this process requires planning and execution of a military standard.

In under 24 hours over 75 tons of machinery, materials & equipment were de-rigged and loaded onto numerous commerical vehicles of various sizes.

Everything from office furniture, the kettle and sweeping brushes through to large excavators and office cabins were carefully packed for onward transport to our next project.

And last but not least…. A thank you

On behalf of the site team we would like to express a huge thank you for all your support and words of encouragement. Wallbridge Upper Lock has been a very satisfying project to work on. We look forward hopefully to working with you all again.

Chris Spencer – Senior Site Manager – Land & Water Services