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Wallbridge Upper Lock Update No. 2

A report by Chris Spencer

Restoration of Wallbridge Upper Lock is proceeding well.

50 kilos of fish have been removed to safety. The types included tench, chub, eels (v. big ones!) and a pair of trout.

The departure of the aquatic life to the safe side of the westerly bund then allowed over 200 tonnes of silt to be removed.

This has been placed in a draining lagoon to dewater. The lagoon was formed from a large amount of coarse stone on site.

The silt is draining well. It usually takes four to six weeks to dry out into an organically rich and highly fertile topsoil material. This will be used in landscaping the finished job.

Urban debris

The lock has yielded the normal range of non organic materials and urban debris. We have found two microwave ovens, two baths, numerous road cones and shopping trolleys and a bicycle. 

Upper gates to be reused

We removed the balance beams from the top gates to ease the movement of the gates to another lock on the Stroudwater Navigation. The gates themselves were lifted from the lock late yesterday. See picture right.

Local interest

Chris was full of praise for the local gongoozlers*.

“There is a genuine interest and enthusiasm for what is going on!”

“Some people do ask how it is being paid for so I explain the Heritage Lottery Funding to them and say – Keep buying those lottery tickets”

Chris went on to say… “The team is also pleased to hear that the webcam is now focussed on us and our work. We will give the viewers a wave from time to time.”

(*Gongoozler – A person who observes waterway activities from canal bridges and lock sides.)