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Wallbridge Upper Lock Update No. 3

Report by Chris Spencer

The restoration of Wallbridge Upper Lock is proceeding with all lock gates removed and most of the scaffolding in place.

Removal of Bottom Gates

The lower gates have been cut into sections and removed from the lock.

The gates were in such a poor state that it would have been very dangerous to crane them out complete. The removal was undertaken in a complex and methodical manner in order to ensure a safe procedure.


The scaffolding of the lock is now well underway and will be completed early next week. The lock will then be sheeted over in order to maintain an ambient temperature and keep the inclement weather out.

The lock is some 6 metres deep and it is important to provide safe level access for operatives undertaking the works. The scaffolding therefore provides a work platform 2 metres above the invert (floor) of the lock and a second platform 2 metres above that.

Pressure Washing

The pressure washing of the masonry is underway. Bricklayers will commence repairs to the chamber walls in the coming week.

Dredging Preparation

Some abandoned site cabins have been cleared to give access to the wharf wall area upstream of the lock.

This will now allow the long-reach excavator to dredge the upstream lock approach. This work will be undertaken in the early part of the coming week.