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Wallbridge Upper Lock Update No. 4

Progress report from Chris Spencer

Good Progress

Behind the scenes the work continues in dealing with compliance to traffic management plans, health & safety issues, environmental exemptions, public relations, and many other tasks.

Good News

The good news is that progress is such that we can now announce a scheduled date for craning in the new lock gates.

All being well this will occur on Tuesday 13th December 2011.


Dredging of the lock approach channel is nearing completion. Over 1,000 tonnes of material has been removed from the approach channel & lock chamber.

The material will be used to landscape the left bank between the lock and Stroud Brewery Bridge.

Brick Laying

The bricklaying team have commenced their work.

Loose mortar is removed from the brickwork. Cracked, loose and defective brickwork is removed followed by vegetation & roots (pictured right) that have weakened the masonry.

The lime mortar used for the brickwork and repointing has been carefully specified to match that of the original. The bricklaying team have received special training in its use.

Lock Ladder Rebates

The cutting of the lock ladder rebates into the chamber walls will soon be completed.

Cutting the recesses involves specialist diamond tipped cutting discs and an interesting arrangment that utilises a fast spinning loop of diamond impregnated rope. The spinning rope is drawn slowly up through the stucture to cut out a slice of brickwork.

A beneficial result of utilising these methods is that 50% of the bricks cut from the rebates can be reused to replace the damaged masonry.

Land & Water Project Manager Chris Spencer is seen here – in the left foreground – in discussion with the brick laying team.

The spinning rope cutting machinery can be seen in the background.

The Wallbridge Webcam is currently focussed on the lock.