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Wallbridge Upper Lock Update No. 6

A report from Chris Spencer

This weeks work

The scaffolding in the lower sections of the lock chamber has been removed in preparation for the craning & fitting of the lock gates on Tuesday 13th December.

Preparatory Progress

New pintle cups (or gudgeons) have been installed. See bottom picture.

These will receive the pintles fitted to the bottom of the lock gates to form its hinge.

The masonry repairs to the main lock chamber are now complete. Work is now concentrated on the brickwork & coping stones in the forebay. (Lock entrance).

Recycling Stone

Two existing coping stones were found to have been damaged beyond repair and had to be removed.

Fortunately several coping stones were found in the bottom of the canal during during the dredging work.

The most suitable stones have been cut to fit and used to replace the damaged ones.

Recycling Silt

Earthworks have progressed on the lower section of land between the two bridges.

This involves the excavation of a bowl area with banks to each side. The banks have been spread with top soil.

The dredgings have been de-watering within a lagoon in the site compound.

This material will be transferred to the prepared area on Monday. The material will continue to dry out over the coming months after which the area will be landscaped.

Behind the scenes work continues to ensure that all the required administration & permits are in place to facilitate the project. 

Late update to this update!

The gates arrived after a four hour journey from West Yorkshire at 4.30pm today Monday 12th.

When asked if the journey went well driver Simon Britten of SDT Machinery Transport explained… "The journey was no problem, but leaving Hargreaves yard at Callis Mill very nearly was."

"The gates were built in a mill at the back of the Sowerby Bridge Working Mens Club. The roadway between the buildings gave me about four inches each side of the load to get out!"

Nigel Lord of Hargreaves had also travelled down from West Yorkshire. On arrival he immediately began positioning the fixings for the gates.

Nigel was still busy in the driving rain at 6.30pm! So, all looks good for the big lift in the morning… weather conditions allowing.

To get details of the timings feel free to call The Visitor Centre on 07582 286 636.

Car Parking

If you do intend to come to view the historic happenings please be aware that there is no parking on Wallbridge. You may find it best to park in the Cheapside Car Park.