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Wallbridge Upper Lock Update No. 7

A report by Chris Spencer

New head and tail gates were succesfully fitted to the lock chamber on Tuesday 13th December.

The Hargreaves team who built the gates, supported by the Land & Water site team and of course the Ellis Crane Hire crew, had all four gates in place by mid afternoon. Click here for photo story  

Then the really hard work began… installing the gate cills, fitting the cheek timbers and connecting the paddle gear. This work continues.

Silt re-sited

The dredged silt, previously contained in a drainage lagoon within the site compound, has been transported to the prepared tipping area below the lock.

This material will continue to dry before being landscaped to form an amenity area.

Using the dredgings to enhance the bridge site gives the project the best possible outcome in terms of environmental benefit and off-setting the scheme’s carbon footprint.

Volunteer Engineers

Cotswold Canals Trust Volunteers arrived on site on Friday and commenced installation of the ground paddle jack posts and gearing.

In spite of the the extremes of weather experienced in recent days the site teams, professional and volunteers alike, have carried on with the job in hand.

Teetering on the Edge

Loose coping stones on the towpath edge above the lock were in danger of falling into the canal.

The stones have been removed and reseated onto on a mortar bed. This work continues.

To find out more about the key teams on this project click on the icons below.