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Wallbridge Upper Lock Update No. 8

A report from Chris Spencer of Land and Water

With the festive break over the Land & Water site team returned this week to complete the final tasks on Wallbridge Upper Lock.

New lock ladders have been installed in the rebates cut into the masonry whilst the scaffolding was in place.

This will allow for safe access and egress for single handed boaters and of course for use in an emergency.

The re-laying of the coping stones on the towpath above the lock is complete.

This will allow volunteers to reinstate the towpath – making it safe to walk along for the first time in many decades.

The dams below & above the lock have been removed. See pictures 1 & 2

The excavated material has been stockpiled in the site compound.

This will shortly be loaded into bulk tipping vehicles to be transported off site to a licensed facility for recycling.

The third picture, taken by CCT's Mike Gallagher, shows the landscaping work in progress on Cheapside Wharf.

This is the area Land and Water utilised as the 'site compound'.

The remaining tasks comprise of minor completion work.

Some wall rebuilding is required below the lock along with coping stones to reset.

(See picture 1 immediately below the excavator.)

This will leave only some landscaping work to complete before Land and Water leave the site on Friday 13th January.

In the meantime Cotswold Canals Trust Volunteers are busy fitting the paddle gear to the lower lock gates. A report on this work will follow soon.