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Water Transport returns to Stroudwater

Canal carries heavy goods once more

Heavy equipment for paddle gear installation work is being transported from Ryeford Wharf to Ryeford Double lock by water.

Cotswold Canals Trust volunteers, based at Western Depot – Eastington, are busy installing paddlegear at Ryeford Double Lock.

The heavy metal paddle gear is mounted on heavy timber jack posts fashioned from a recycled timber called Greenheart.

Limited Access

There is no vehicle access to the site and each 10 foot long jack post weighs 130Kg (2.5 cwt).

The installation work also requires scaffold poles and heavy lifting equipment.

Transport Solution

The solution to transport heavy items is the Trust's push-tug Goliath and, an as yet unamed, hopper barge.

Tug Training

Tug skipper Tony Jones has commenced Workboat Handling Training on the Trust's tug 'Goliath' and the hopper barges. 

Training for the Future

The training programme will build up a tug and barge transport team for future heavy installation work along the restored canal.

WRG Qualification

Trainees can qualify for the Waterway Recovery 021c – Tug Driver Authorisation. 

Illustrated 'Information Notes' are issued to each trainee along with a worksheet to record progress towards the qualification.

Training currently takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays – meet at Western Depot.

Sufficient demand for training could mean weekend sessions.

Book your training

For further information please contact Tony Jones on 01453 762 915 or email

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