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Waterway Recovery Group at Griffin Mill Lock II

A thank you to the wrgies

Two weeks of team work by waterway recovery group volunteers on Griffin Mill Lock at Thrupp has moved the lock’s restoration forward in leaps and bounds.

An appreciative overview

CCT’s Steve Hake, the Project Manager for Griffin Mill explains…

“The Waterway Recovery Group (WRG) camps have made a huge difference to progress. Sincere thanks is also due to the CCT volunteers who turn up regularly on this on-going project (over 20 months now) to keep it moving on.

”The first of two full weeks of Waterway Recovery Group camps, led by Martyn Worsley, commenced on Sat 3rd August. During this time the spill weir brickwork was completed and the brickwork in the chamber moved inexorably upwards.

"The second camp started on 10th August with Nigel Lee leading. His team succeeded in finishing the main brickwork and the ladder recess to the top and have laid coping stones from the lower cill end to the ladder recess.

Rapid progress

“I thought I had sufficient materials on site but due to their phenomenal work rate they were soon running out of sand. I had to arrange more sand for next day delivery. Towards the end of the second week they were running out of lime!"

The French connection

Alienor Saint–Cast and Zoe Dalloni, two students studying architecture at university in Paris, travelled from France to join the waterway recovery group camp.

Special thanks

The Cotswold Canals Trust trip boat team led by Western Boats Manager Rob Burgon expressed the Trust’s gratitude to the wrgies in a special boating way.

Chips & Trips

Evening cruises along the Stroudwater on board Trip Boat Endeavour were arranged for both groups.  

These were preceded by an early Fish & Chip supper in the Stroud District Council restaurant at Ebley Mill.

The UK based wrgies and French student wrgies alike all seemed to enjoy the trips… and the fish & chips!

 Click here to see CCT's Mike Gallagher's photos of activity at Griffin Mill 

The 'croisière de plaisance' provided an opportunity for the architecture students to experience 'une écluse Anglaise'. The third picture shows Alienor Saint-Cast wielding a windlass at Ryeford Double lock.

Alienor later revealed that she and her family reside on the Freycinet gauge peniche Azriel (pictured above) now permanently moored on l'Ile de Puteux just next to La Defense in Paris.

Plaudits from local people

The good work of the red t shirted waterway recovery group has received much praise from visitors to the Wallbridge Lock Visitor Centre. Griffin Mill Lock is easily accessed along the new towpath constructed by the regular work parties of local volunteers.