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Wildlife Watch – Session 1

Nick Brojer reports on the 16th January Waterside Wildlife Watch.

A good number of Waterside Wildlife Watchers joined Martin Wright for the first session of 2019. We met at Wallbridge to cover easy and familiar ground, which was fortunate as most people spent time catching up with friends old and new. We also met with a lot of CCT activity involving ‘Delilah’, the Reedcutter and ‘Margaret’.

But we were there for the wildlife and we passed a good variety ofhabitats. Cainscross QEII Field Pond and the Ebley Linear Community Orchard are great additions to the existing woods and meadows. It is wonderful how much Nature we have in Gloucestershire, sometimes literally on our doorsteps.

We heard then saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker close to the By-pass, and in Dudbridge a male Sparrowhawk flew over our heads to perch just 15 yards away on the roof of a house in Stanley View. We saw 27 species of birds in all, including a good view of a songthrush, redwings and a flock of 60 siskinds.


Next Session

On Wednesday 30th January Martin will be going to Alney Island Nature Reserve, Gloucester GL1 2RN.

There is parking for the Reserve immediately after crossing the Westgate St Bridge over the Severn by Blade Group SEAT
and before reaching the traffic lights at Castle Meads Way, the A430.

“Serene nature preserve for walking, biking & bird watching amid grasslands & riverside scenery” and the Herefordshire & Gloucester Canal nearby.