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Wildlife Watch Wednesdays

Watching Wildlife around the Cotswold Canals

Martin Wright is set to embark upon yet another series of his popular Wildlife Watch sessions. The team have come up with eight starting places for the events.

Success story

Martin Wright organised his first series of wildlife walks some three years ago.

The events have been well supported and many interesting sights and sounds have been seen and heard. Martin’s membership of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds allied to his quiet passion for the subject results in a gentle but authoritative delivery of avian information.

The title explained

Martin explains the rationale behind the title ‘Watching Wildlife’.

"Jackie Harrison and Sheila Allen have become invaluable assistants and members of the group. We sat down to discuss what we were doing and achieving.

"We recognised that people’s expectations and experiences vary widely. Our discussions led us to the conclusion that if the word 'walk’ did not feature so highly then peoples expectations might be better met.

"The point is that whilst we set out on a circular route there are often opportunities and activities to ponder over and watch quietly for a little longer than some committed walkers might prefer".

Other animals

"Another aspect that we discussed was ‘other animals’. The towpaths are becoming so very well used… which is great to see.

"Occasionally though, the presence of dogs amongst a group of bird-watchers can disturb the tranquillity.

"This is perfectly understandable as dogs like to communicate with each other just as we humans do. However, dogs haven’t quite mastered whispering yet. So, the events are now operated as a dog free session". 

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