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Winter Waterside Walks

Good News for Walkers

Here is some good news for those seeking some towpath exercise during the solstice season holidays. 

Approaching from Wallbridge

The towpath under the A419 is now open allowing walkers to avoid crossing over Dr Newtons Way.

Under Dr Newtons Bridge

The renewed access to this length of towpath has occurred because the dam has been removed. This means that the first section of the new canal channel through Capels Mill is now in water.

That stretch is filled from a very active spring under Dr Newtons Bridge.

The volume of water supplied by this natural source has been sufficient to quickly fill Wallbridge Upper Lock and Cheapside pound following draining to facilitate the activities of a Police search team last week.

'Waterside Park'

Numerous visitors to the Cotswold Canals Trust Visitor Centre at Wallbridge Lock have commented upon how the whole Capels Mill area is fast taking shape as what many see as a 'waterside park'.

The area's close proximity to the centre of Stroud is already being recognised as a noteworthy asset to the town, its residents and visitors.

The slope to Rodborough footpath

The third and fourth photographs show the length of newly puddled canal channel under the A419 through to a temporary bund that has been created on top of the watermain excavation.

Picture three shows the gentle slope up to the high level pathway much used by Rodborough residents en route to Waitrose.

Detailed news will follow when Dr Simon Dunn and the Abergavenny based team return from what many feel to be a well deserved rest away from the mud and challenges of Capels Mill.

Elsewhere in the West

Dudbridge Locks and Road Bridge – the towpath is now open right the way through. Recent rains mean that it will be a bit muddy in places but useable.

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