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Work commences on Wallbridge Upper Lock

A report from Chris Spencer

The specialist waterway contractors Land & Water moved on to site in Stroud on Monday 31st October.

A site compound providing office, welfare & storage facilities has been created on the adjacent Cheapside Wharf site.

Senior Site Manager Chris Spencer lists below the first round of tasks to be completed.

  1. The dams, (known in the construction world as bunds) upstream and downstream of the lock, will be consolidated to make them as watertight as possible
  2. The water between the dam and lock gates in the upper pound will be drained and the lock chamber pumped dry by high volume pumps
  3. Fish will be rescued and released to the lower pound – the pictures right show this in progress on Thursday
  4. A five ton excavator will then enter the lock chamber via the lower pound dam to push the silt and other waste materials to the upstream area of the lock chamber
  5. A specialist long reach excavator able to reach into the bottom of the lock chamber will then remove the silt & debris from the chamber floor
  6. The silt will be loaded onto a 10 ton dumper and transferred to a bunded area within the site compound to drain. Oversize non organic debris & scrap metal will be removed and processed for recycling where ever possible
  7. When the silt has been drained it will be reused within the general landscaping of the project
  8. Soon after this work is underway the balance beams from the lower lock gates will be craned out and set aside for possible reuse eleswhere

Chris gives some reassurances, “We realise that this is an exciting project for all concerned and we will update you with the latest progress on a weekly basis.

And don’t worry, we will give good notice of the thing people find most fascinating…The big cranes lifting the gates!”