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Works Updates

A report from Mike Gallagher

Work goes on along the canal at a variety of sites. The current excavations take advantage of the season when no birds are nesting. This report covers three sites. Chestnut Lane, Frome Gardens and Ebley Mill.

Chestnut Lane

The bridge at Chestnut Lane/Gasworks is being replaced with an electro-hydraulic swing bridge, capable of carrying 44-tonne vehicles.

Access for businesses to the south of the canal will be via Dudbridge Road and Avocet Park.

This work has been delayed by the need to divert services around the bridge.

As a result, the bridge closure date has not been fixed, though the diversion is open.

Frome Gardens

An overflow weir between the canal and the river will enable excess water to re-enter the river in the event of a flood.

The towpath will be carried on a raised walkway over the new weir.

The presence of a live cable has meant that the whole structure has had to be moved slightly upstream of the planned location.

Just upstream, a new weir at the confluence of the canal and river will enable river water to continue down the canal at the right level.

This will remove another obstruction from the canal.

Ebley Mill

Flood gates are being installed immediately downstream of the old access road to prevent excess water carrying on down the canal and causing problems downstream, specifically at Bridgend.

Eventually, a new pedestrian swing bridge will be installed at this point by the developer.

This work requires towpath closures.

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The works described above are being conducted by Galliford Try. Click on the icon below to find out more about this company.