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Wycliffe students fundraising challenge

Thirty six miles walked — Over £600 raised

Rosie Palk and Kaylin Bradley, Year Eight students at Stroud’s Wycliffe Preparatory School, recently decided to walk the entire thirty six miles of The Cotswold Canals between the River Severn and the River Thames — Framilode and Inglesham included.

Inspired by H.R.H. Prince of Wales’ recent visit to Stroud to officially open a section of the restored canal, the pair decided to play their own part in the restoration of the waterway. The girls planned a sponsored walk in order to raise money to support the restoration project.

Reconnaissance & Research

The girls, and their mothers Andrea and Lisa, reported to the Cotswold Canals Trust Visitor Centre at Wallbridge, Stroud for a route briefing. The team was issued with Cotswold Canals Trust green T shirts and caps. They were also presented with a Nicholson’s Waterways Guide No.2 to assist them in their endeavours. This 2018 updated edition contains the only step by step guide to the entire length of The Cotswold Canals.

Challenging mission

Rosie and Kaylin’s mission was part of the Wycliffe Preparatory Kirby Challenge, developed to prepare Year Eight pupils for the transition to Senior School.
The cold weather, heavy rain (and yes, also some very bright sunshine) during the two day muddy trudge clearly added to the challenge.

Mission accomplished

The group of four towpath walkers recently reported back to the Cotswold Canals Trust Visitor Centre where they handed a heavy collection box to the CCT Administration Team, Jude Lindley and Lisa Mant. When asked what impressed them most on their journey the intrepid walkers spoke of wildlife and wonderfully friendly towpath users.

Rosie explained, “People were just so friendly and enthusiastic.”

Kaylin commented on the positive reaction they received from people who popped money into the collection box… “So many people told us they were members of the Trust and how the restoration volunteers had done such good work. It was so inspiring”.

You can still help Rosie and Kaylin

Click here, or on the image below, to add to their fundraising aims

Click here, or on the icon below, to purchase your own Nicholsons Waterways Guide No. 2